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August 10, 2010


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CAPlastic Surgeon

I read that and was pretty freaked out for a long time. I don't want skin cancer from sunscreen. That's horrible. I recently had a doctor tell me that the ingredients in baby shampoo can increase the risk of leukemia in babies. Do you consider that to be valid information? It DID come from a doctor.


CAP, I have not heard such a claim, but I hear about baby shampoo getting attacked all the time. All doctors are not credible and there are some quacks out there. I had a doctor try to sell me a $5000 water machine during an exam!

CAPlastic Surgeon

Well, that scared me pretty bad, as my baby had a rough start. I guess you just can't trust anybody these days. $5k for a water machine? What was his cut?! That's insane.

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